Healing The World, Together

Healing Vibrations is a media company focused on health and wellness through stress reduction and self-reflection. We utilize the physical and psychological effects of light, color, sound and vibration to slow the pulse, release muscular tension, and create a clear, focused state of mind. Located in the great Pacific Northwest, Healing Vibrations is a collaboration between lifelong friends Drew Griffin and Travis Schumacher who in late 2018, decided to combine their unique skill sets to change the world. More about Drew and Travis below.

Travis Schumacher

Sound Healer | Co-founder

Travis Schumacher is a Sound Therapist and co-founder of Healing Vibrations, LLC. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle Washington, he first began his journey of the Healing Arts in 2011 when meditation brought on an unexpected out-of-body experience that altered his life path forever. Led by a newfound desire to heal others, he soon became a certified Reiki Master which opened new doors for him to his next career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

In 2016, Travis was given his first crystal singing bowl as a birthday gift, thus beginning his discovery of the power of sound healing. In 2017 he traveled to Thailand following his growing desire to learn about meditation and sound healing. It was here that on a tour of several silent retreats, he was reintroduced to Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks by one of the Monks during a private sound therapy lesson.

Back in Seattle and changed forever by his experience, Travis started to build a collection of sound healing tools. This eventually led a private sound therapy practice, performances at local music festivals, and a residency as the sound bath artist at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle.

In 2018, his childhood best friend, Drew Griffin, inquired about his crystal singing bowl performances and asked if he would like to start a YouTube channel featuring his music. For Travis, that chance conversation marked the beginning of an amazing journey as co-founder of Healing Vibrations Media and a new life as a full-time Sound Healer.

Drew Griffin

Producer | Co-Founder

Drew Griffin, is a filmmaker and co-founder of Healing Vibrations, LLC. Born and raised in the Seattle area, he moved to L.A. to study film production at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts.

After school, Drew worked as a video editor, film vault manager, post-production PA, and video encoding specialist all over Hollywood. His resume includes working directly under academy award winning editors Tom Cross and Hughes Windborne and working as a video editor for the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Later on Drew was hired on at Amazon Prime Video in Seattle where he worked as a Program Manager during a 5 years stay at the company before leaving to start his own production company which eventually led to the creation of Healing Vibrations with his childhood best-friend and next-door-neighbor, Travis Schumacher.