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Sound Bath for Health Wellness Mindfulness Meditation

Sound Bath therapy facilitates mental and physical healing through a variety of aural stimuli which are specifically designed to calm the mind and relax the body, creating a state of mindfulness, relaxation, and reflection. In this state, the human body’s natural healing processes are strengthened and accelerated.

Guided Meditations are a powerful means for learning about different styles of meditation and for focusing in on specific goals for your time spent in reflection. Like following along with a workout instructor, a meditation guide will use their extensive experience to teach new techniques and guide the viewer to deeper levels of mindfulness, release, and self-discovery.

Healing Vibrations

Healing Vibrations is a media company that facilitates health and wellness through unique, therapeutic relaxation experiences that reduce stress and promote self-reflection. These experiences are offered in a variety of formats including digital and in-person events. By combining the physical and psychological effects of light, color, scent, and sound, these experiences slow the pulse, release muscular tension, and create a clear, focused state of mind.

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What is Sound Bath?

Sound Bath is the process of restoring the mind, body and soul through frequency stimulation. These healing vibrations are designed to target areas of the body that carry forms of trauma, density and negative energy. Leaving these issues unaddressed, one may experience spiritual, mental and physical blockages that can affect everyday life. Through the power of Sound Healing, the right frequency at the right moment can ignite spontaneous healing and transform us in ways we never thought possible.

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